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Oh, hello!

Big news!! Our offer on the house was accepted! 

We are currently under contract, or as I like to think of it, paperwork purgatory. We sign, they sign. We sign again, we wait for them to sign again. The mortgage people need specific information, we give it, oh wait, it's not the right info and we can't get the right people to verify. Ugh.

We should close by early October if everything goes well. Until then, I am not considering the house "ours", and won't hold my breath. {even though I really want it to be ours and would pass out holding my breath if it were a contest in order to get it}

So on top of the craziness of packing up our apartment and figuring out the logistics of our 3-stage move, I am running around being a naive first time home buyer on top of figuring out the packing, planning going away parties, and continuing my insanely busy work schedule. And let me tell you, my clients are NOT happy about this move. They really want me to stay and continue to doing their hair as usual.

Let me explain that 3-stage move for you. 
Stage 1: Billy has to be out in Texas for his first day of work on September 23. We will be driving out the week before and getting him settled, then I fly back while he stays.
Stage 2: Sometime in October, after our house has closed, my mom and I {and whomever we can wrangle into helping us} will load a U-Haul and drive it to Texas, to set up our house, and then she and I will fly back. Billy will get to hang out in the fabulous new house on his own, but we will probably take the kitties out so he will have company.
Stage 3: Once all of my booked weddings are completed, and I have my last weekend at the salon, I will pack up my last little bit of things and do the drive a 3rd time with Sadie in tow. 


I have already started packing, as I have no clue when I have to get our stuff out of the apartment. And the apartment....I have to figure out how to either get the office to change my lease end date so we just finish our lease rather than break it, or find a sublease for the 3 months left on the lease. Just one more thing to add to my already long list of things to do.
*throws self on floor, kicks legs, and cries*

And that is about the extent of the mess I am sitting in right now, preparing to move out of the state. Continue with the positive thoughts for the rest of this crazy journey!


  1. I thought in leases back in CA that if you buy a house you can legally break your lease? Might want to read into that!

  2. Wow that sounds like a crazy move! So glad to hear that your offer was accepted! I hope everything goes smoothly. It will all work out.

    I don't blame your clients for being upset about your move! You are pretty awesome and talented!

    How far of a drive is it from your old place to your new house in Texas?

  3. Wow. Moving is definitely an experience... Fortunately, Donny only had to make the one trip to get everything here. The drive from Texas to NC took FOREVER, as I'm sure it does from Southern California to Texas. Fingers crossed that all goes well with the house!! (Oh and I totally understand your clients. Once you FINALLY find someone to fix your hair right, they have to leave?? So sad.... Lol

  4. You should be able to break the lease as it is a transfer of your job - when Tim and I moved to Napa we just showed them the paperwork that Tim was transferred and they allowed us to break it without penalty.

  5. Hoping the first day of work goes great and can't wait to hear about the house! Good luck and please let me know if you need anything!


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