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Atria Indie Authors

I'm not sure if you all know or not, but I am a total book fanatic. I love to read. Pretty much anything, too, cereal boxes included. 

Awhile back, as in a year or more ago, my friends Stacie and Megan turned me on to a whole bunch of great indie books that they loved, and in turn, I came to love. Two of those authors were Jamie McGuire and Colleen Hoover, who are both published by Atria books

A few weeks back, I attended a YA {Young Adult} author event at Kepler's books and found out that they like to host awesome authors for Q&A and signings, and I was hooked. You mean I can meet my favorite authors and spend an evening getting to know them? I was down. 

Que mad freaking out when Kepler's announced {and Colleen Hoover, via her blog} that Colleen, Jamie, and Abbi Glines would all be stopping by. For free. Um, yes, I was in. I tried to rally a group to go with me, but sadly, either no one was available, or interested, and I was left to attend on my own. Which I had absolutely no problem doing, because I love books, and these authors, and I sort of fan girl out over silly things like this. *breathe*

It was an amazing evening. These ladies are indie powerhouses, and were happy to share a little about their success as self-published authors turned publishing house darlings. You could tell they were all friends, and really have fun together. I can only aspire to ever have even a small portion of their success with my own writing in the future. That is, if I ever unearth my books from the moldy box they are hiding in while I turn my life upside down and move across the country. Someday, imaginary friends, you will see the light of day again. Um, I digress....

The Q&A was informative, and hilarious. I learned that Jamie is currently writing a Sci-Fi romance, and Colleen wants to write more adult themed books {insert porny music here, bow chica wow wow}. When it comes to plotting, Colleen is a total pantser {flies by the seat of her pants, no plotting needed when writing}, Jamie starts with an outline, but usually detours off as she writes, and Abbi has so many stories in her head, and churns them out so quickly, that she has to plot and outline, and then sticks to those as she writes. Also, Colleen has her husband take her to Red Lobster when she finishes a book, but it never feels finished until it gets published and she physically cannot change it anymore. Jamie and Abbi both gave her a hard time for really loving Red Lobster, and we all had a good laugh. 
Wonderful writers, awesome indie published phenoms Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, and Jamie McGuire
Oh, hey there!
Seriously, she's a fantastic writer, and gorgeous? Too much good stuff in one package. I'm a little nervous to read Red Hill because it is set during a Zombie Apocalypse, and I have a horrible fear of zombies. But I'll read it just because she's a great writer and I know she will do it justice.
I cannot wait to read Losing Hope, which I have on my Kindle, and now also in paperback. Hopeless {1st in the series} is one of my favorite books I have read this year, and I know Holder's side of the story will be both intriguing, and gut wrenching. Also, there is her novella, Finding Cinderella {Hopeless #2.5}, which is also waiting to be read on my Kindle.
Abbi can rock some blue eyeshadow, mad respect for that. I haven't read any of her books yet, but now I can't wait to. She was extremely funny during the Q&A, and is an absolute prolific writer, putting out so many books in a short time. Seriously, Goodreads says she has 7 series of books {some of her books even cross series}!
Swag! Who doesn't love it?


  1. I am so jealous of you going to that event! Love all of those authors and would have been so fun to meet them :)

  2. Whaaat? So jealous! I've never heard of Abbi (off to check out her books now!) but I love Colleen and Jamie!


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