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Our detour to Disneyland

How I managed to overlook my trip to Disneyland during stage 1 of the move is beyond me.
{cue sarcasm laced sentence. Like I didn't have a million other things going on? haha!}

When B and I were planning to drive out to Austin from California, we knew the trip would be crazy. What I didn't expect was for him to look at me very seriously, and ask me a question like this: "Do you want to be completely irresponsible and cram a trip to Disneyland into the move?"
I didn't even miss a beat as I enthusiastically agreed. We needed a little fun to look forward to as he said goodbye to California. I also hadn't been to Disneyland in about 20 years. Far too long. Billy went regularly through his teens, but knew I was desperate to go back, so I think this was mostly for my benefit, rather than to say farewell to a California staple. 

So there we were, rolling down the highway in a Mustang stuffed with video games consoles and all of Billy's clothes, heading to the happiest place on Earth, before heading to our new home 1,700 miles away. This is a very photo heavy post, so scroll and enjoy :)
We made good time traveling from NorCal to Anaheim, about 7 hours with a dinner stop. We stayed at the Hotel Menage, picked purely because the name made B and I giggle like 12 year old boys. The next morning, I bounded out of bed and was anxiously waiting for a proper time to head to the park. It was opening at 10am, and I was ready to go before 9. B was a little less excited, but thought I was cute in my enthusiasm, even though he's really not a morning person.
I think I made a little Australian girl's life when I asked her parents if I could pose with the princess outside our hotel while we waited for the shuttle. Rapunzle never looked so adorable.

We started our day at California Adventure, knowing we really just wanted to hit Cars Land before heading into Disney for the real adventure. I felt like the biggest kid, thrumming with excitement and ready to run to all the rides! Billy is a huge car guy, and we both really love the Cars movies, so I know he was almost as excited as I was be there. It's truly amazing, too. You walk into the area and swear you are in the movie. I loved it.
I put the tire hat on Billy and literally could not stop laughing. I was dying. I'm not sure exactly why it was so funny, but oh my goodness, you would have thought I was at a comedy show!
 He made me wear the cone {of shame} hat for a picture to make me see what it felt like to be laughed at. I thought it was great!
We found much cuter hats inside the store. You will see, I had an obsession with head wear while at Disney, and wanted to try on all the things
The mountains even look like tail ends of classic cars!
We ate at Flo's V8 Cafe for breakfast, it was cute and decent.
Just like the movie.
 I loved that there were character cars driving around, interacting with people!
 B didn't like this hat, as seen by his unhappy smile, but I was sold. Too bad he vetoed it.
 It looked so real!
 We rode single rider for the Cars ride, and it was so cool! We got to race :) My car won.
We finished with Cars Land and made a quick stop at Soaring over California, which was awesome, before heading into Disneyland. Thank goodness for park hopper passes.
 Ahh, the happiest place on Earth!
See? Totally tried on all the things. I even made Billy try on a few too, much to his embarrassment.
Welcome to my new home! Err, that's not in Austin. Okay, fine, it's a castle, not my home.
 We were at the park on the first official day the Haunted Mansion was decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas fashion. It was excellent!
 I did not get the sword from the stone.
 These were the only characters I hunted down for a photo. I love me some Alice in Wonderland.
We were quite tired after traipsing around the parks all day, so we called it early instead of sticking around for the parades and light shows.
After spending the day like kids, we finished in a very adult fashion back at the hotel.

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  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Love the silly hats you found too :)


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