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A sweet farewell

My dear friend Danielle, who is a wonderful host and party planner, threw me a going away party last week. She invited a bunch of my friends, and encouraged everyone to bring a dessert to share, in the name of sending me off with a sweet farewell. Now, that's a girl who just gets me. 

I was determined to try all of the goodies my friends brought, and ended up on the biggest sugar rush, which meant I was speaking faster than my normally fast pace, and couldn't sit still for hours. It was fabulous. 

I had the nicest time seeing so many of my friends all together in one space, where I could share stories, laugh, and soak up their love before I leave for Texas. I know not everyone could be there, but it made it nice to say goodbye to so many all at one time.
 Danielle has two fluffy Maltese named Rabbit and Ludo, the non-looking guy on the right, struggling in Olivia's arms. Left from Olivia is Jeanette, myself, and Kate
 I've known these two lovelies since sophomore year of high school! Micaela on the left and I had 2 classes that year, and then were in color guard together. Michelle in the middle was my punk rock princess and fellow local-concert goer. Both are amazing friends to this day.
 Sarah, her daughter Cameryn, and husband Brandon. Sarah is my glue. She's been my bestie since 7th grade, that's a whopping 15 years! We've stayed close even when she was living in New Mexico, and I know she will always be a phone call away when I need to chat. She's also the girl I admire most when it comes to her kitchen and home-making prowess. This girl could give Martha Stewart a run for her money, but is so modest about it all.
 My sweet Nicole and her boyfriend Matt. Why yes, I did set them up on a blind date and they have been dating for almost 2 years now!! Nicole and I grew close through our mutual desire to be runners, and I am so glad we did. She's just as bubbly and chatty as I am, and I know I can always turn to her for a willing ear to listen to me, good or bad. Nicole is a lovely person through and through. I'm going to miss her sweet face!
 Selfie of myself, Jeanette, Ludo and Danielle. Jeanette just returned from two months of travelling, making her way through Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I admire her gutsy adventurous spirit and willingness to drop everything to go experience life!
Sara, one of the funniest chicks I know. Also, she's hot, smart and has a huge heart. I always look forward to the times I get to see Sara, whether it's at a party or in the salon for her cuts.
 My San Francisco girls, Molly and Sara
 I met Molly through Danielle {D is my source for so many good friends, I swear!} and am so happy I did! Molly has an incredible eye for fashion, and is a go-to for style advice. She's also a badass runner chick!
 LOVE these girls. So much. Nicole, myself and Tiffany
 Tiffany moved to California from Virginia about 5 years ago, and we met at a salon soon after. She became my best friend quickly, and I have loved having her in my life these last few years. We have traveled around the country together for fitness shows, and if you can travel with my neurotic self, you are a very special person indeed. Tiffany absolutely is. She's kind, fiery, determined, and has so much strength of character she could choke out the Hulk in a battle of wills. I love this girl.
 Tiffany, her hubby Tom, myself and an awesome photobomb by Matt. Tom is a great photographer, a very neat guy, and can also stand me when we travel together. Love him!
 Blurry selfie of Danielle and I, but I love it! Great story about Danielle: she was a bride of mine two years ago! She came in for her trial, and we had an instant connection. I e-mailed her after the appointment, thanking her, and also saying I thought we should be friends because she is so cool and I had fun with her. She didn't think I was creepy at all, and soon we were on a double date, then a game night, then hanging out at her wedding. Yes, she even invited me! I  count her as one of my closest friends now. She's my incredible writing Jedi Master mentor, and the person most likely to be down for whatever new thing I want to try. And a rock star tour guide.
 Michelle and her hubby Tim live up in Napa, a few hours away, and still made the trip down for the party, and then again two days later for her final haircut. {click her name link for her blog, it's wonderful!}
I have a great story about Micaela from math class our sophomore year, but I think she really hates when I tell it. If you meet me in person, I'd happily recount the tale, but I'll save her the worry ;)
Kate, myself, Olivia and Danielle. Just more awesome ladies Danielle has introduced me to in the few years I have known her. I will be heading to Philadelphia in April for Olivia's wedding, and I can't wait to get my hands on her hair and even dabble on some makeup ;)

I missed a few friends who left before I busted out the camera, and I definitely felt the absence of other close friends who weren't there, but this was a wonderful evening for me!
Thank you Danielle, for being such a great friend, and for throwing this delightful going away party!


  1. Ah looks like a wonderful going away party! Looks like you have some great friends :)

  2. I'm SO glad you posted this! I got to share it with Mr. Eric and show him all the awesome people we had over. I'm so grateful to have known you too, Adrian, and I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Austin! <3

  3. aww sounds like such a fun farewall! Glad you got to say goodbye to so many good friends before heading off to this new exciting adventure in life!! :)



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