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favorite new Etsy shop

While I was voraciously consuming paint color options on Pinterest the other day, I stumbled upon a gorgeous fine art photo print of a dandelion in the color scheme I am looking to splash all over the great room. 

I of course clicked through to the Etsy shop, and couldn't help clicking through the rest of her photos. In doing so, I fell in love. 

Lisa Russo Fine Art is amazing. I love all of the pastel processes she puts on her photos, and how soft, beachy, and inviting the pictures are. I guess I  really like that shabby chic, cottage feel the photos evoke. Didn't really realize that until now haha

Here are some of my favorites
I think at least a few of these will be purchased to put in the Ugly Duckling. Lisa offers photo prints, and wrapped canvases, which I am super excited about. 

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  1. I could (and do!) spend hours on Etsy so many gorgeous finds on there!


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