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I'm home

Hello from my new home in Texas! 

I have spent the last week driving across the country {in only 2 days, this time!}, running around the Austin area looking for furniture/home supplies/decor, entertaining my mom who made the trip with me, and generally, being busy for not working. 

Tonight, I was doing some much needed cleaning up of my laptop, you know purging the 1,700+ files in my recycle bin and freeing up over 2GB of space, and came across a bucket list I had created who knows how long ago and forgotten about. I was quite pleased to see that of the few things I had jotted down, I have actually  accomplished! That's a really nice feeling, to accomplish something you set for yourself, only to forget about and discover later :)

My bucket list, created somewhere around 2009/10 I am guessing?
*Run 5 miles straight
 summer of 2010 

*Complete a 10k (6.2 miles) in under 1 hour 10 minutes without walking
AlamdenValley Run Turkey Run race 11/2010

*Train for and complete a sprint triathlon 
Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon 6/2011

*Buy a house, renovate or decorate as needed 
Bought the ugly ducking 10/2013, and working on the decorating ;)

*Attend a live UFC event 
{not UFC, but I have been to a Strikeforce event 10/2010, which is now owned by UFC, and been to several amateur fights.

I also found a document with my 101 in 1001 list, which should have been completed on October 29, 2013. Now I just missed that deadline, and boy was I a failure at hitting my 1001 tasks! 

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