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Project Ugly Ducking: beadboard wallpaper

I'm back from Austin and ready to get you up to speed on some of my projects I attempted while I was out there.

First of all, I completely take back what I said in this post, about being able to cut and paste wallpaper onto a wall. I thought it would be easy peasy. I was wrong. And I don't admit that often.

It may not have been easy, and it definitely made me worried before the end that it would turn out horribly, but I have to say, I am completely impressed with the end results. 

Remember my ugly yellow dining room? Honestly, it's not that ugly, I just don't like yellow.
 I applied my beadboard wallpaper, with much swearing, unhappiness, and worry once it was up. It was not as easy as I had thought, or the Amazon reviews led me to believe. You see how unevenly I cut the bottom of those strips under the window? Yeah, there was a lot of stuff that happened like that that made me wonder if I was going to be ripping off the wallpaper very soon. I went forward with painting anyway. Two coats of ultra pure white semi-gloss acrylic paint later, and I was feeling much better about the whole project. The strips of dark gray wall that were showing before were suddenly hidden, and it looked much better.

The finished product with a chair rail above it. That chair rail was another issue all together. I bought two long pieces and brought them home with a plastic miter box and back saw I had picked up at Home Depot, but realized I couldn't cut them myself. I re-bought the chair rail at Lowe's, but had a lumber guy cut it down for me. The cuts weren't perfect, and didn't have them cut on angles so they would fit together, but I made it work. Just don't look too closely haha
Please excuse the ceiling edges that still need paint, I ran out. I'll finish that when I head back to Austin, permanently, in a few weeks. Also, I love my new couch.


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