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Project Ugly Duckling: I hate my paint

Well, I don't hate all of my paint. I really like my dining room and kitchen dark gray. I am just not loving the accent wall and the light gray I picked for practically everywhere else. Instead of warming up the space harmoniously, I have successfully separated it with very harsh, bold colors. Le sigh. Why is paint so hard to figure out? You like a color, it should look good. A paint chip, or even a sample on the wall, can be so misleading. I had thought I was on the right track...
Pretty colors, separately. Together? Not so much. Cold. Harsh. Not inviting.
The original was way worse, so at least the yellow is gone from the space.
I have decided I need to go in a different direction. I still love the idea of the accent wall being in the turquoise family, I just think I need to go waaaay lighter. Like using the color I had picked out for the master bedroom, Palladian blue. If I already have it on hand, I might as well use it,  right?
As for the rest of the walls? I am thinking a much warmer greige instead of a silver will be better. Like Revere Pewter, which is hard to pin down if it's gray or beige from photo to photo.
Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue and Revere Pewter
Iron Mountain, my dining/kitchen color
I think these colors will go well together and compliment the tan tile. Much better than my current picks. Also, funny enough, my new couch has accent pillows with beige and light blue dots on it, so maybe that is telling me something. Oh, like, those colors look good together? I have mentioned before that I am not a DIY or crafty person. I guess I just went with colors I liked the look of, rather than figured out how it would actually look together. 

So the first thing I will be doing once I get back to Texas later this month is repaint the great room. Now, does anyone know if Home Depot takes returns on unopened gallons of paint? I have 4 gallons of the French Silver that I don't know what to do with if I replace it with the Revere Pewter


  1. I wouldnt say it's absolutely necessary for you to paint over the teal wall - it really isn't that harsh! I do, however, agree it doesn't flow... but you could remedy that by adding some throw pillows or a blanket over the couch that has the bright teal in it. Use some artwork to warm up the space, something with warmer tones, play with textures, and wooden things... and I'd say you'd be ready to rock and roll! Just my opinion though =)

  2. ALSO, if you do decide you just hate it... take the French Silver back to the paint department and ask them if it's possible to tint it to something else, they are generally super friendly and if you explain you just want something warmer I'm sure they can make some suggestions that way you wouldnt have to buy all new paint!

  3. Chosing paint colours can be so confusing! I dont mind the teal, maybe once there is some wall art up you wont notice the colour so much. Or to tone it down you could paint stripes on it in a pale grey perhaps, I did this for my entrance wall and it turned out pretty good if I dont say so myself :) You can check out my stripe project here if youd like http://jarrahjungle.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/the-painted-stripes-project-take-2.html

  4. I think you can return unused paint cans and then they sell them at a reduced cost, since they're already pre-mixed. I think. I'm not positive because we have lived here 7 years and never painted a room.


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