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that time my husband went to prison

...to meet a dog!

I know I sort of freaked you out there with the title, but that's what I was going for ;)

Billy and I have been talking about getting a second dog for awhile now. Mostly because B is missing Sadie something fierce, and seeing the photos and videos I post to Instagram of her playing with our housemate's dog Nugget make him want to get a friend to live with us when we are in Texas. Of course we want to adopt a dog from a rescue, as that is where Sadie came from, and we think she hung the moon. We are keeping with our "doggy speed dating" theory of finding the perfect dog, and meeting any little dog that catches our eye to see if they like us. Billy has made several trips to rescues on his own, and we even went together while I was out the last time. So far, there have been a bunch of sweet dogs, but not one that we thought would make our little family even better. 

Billy and I even send each other links to dogs listed on Pet Finder, and happened to stumble upon a rescue called Paws in Prison that is based in Lockhart, TX. They had an adorable Papillon/Yorkie mix named Chewy on pet finder, and that was right at the top of Billy's wish list. He loves Yorkies {and Sadie is a Papillon mix}, he wants to call the dog Chewbacca, and it has to be small. He set up an appointment to drive the hour and change to meet Chewy this past Wednesday. 

Imagine his surprise when he pulls up to a prison. Not just an old prison, but a working, fully functional with inmates prison. He thought it was a joke and almost turned around to go home. Instead, he parked and followed his directions inside, where he was told that yes, this was the paws in prison place he was looking for. Apparently, PIP uses female inmates to train and socialize dogs, then adopts them out after the required amount of time inside the big house. We failed to notice this information when we were looking at the dogs online. Whomp whomp.
Billy had a chance to hang out with Chewy, and we have an application in for him {along with 2 other people}, and will see once his time in prison is up if we get him or not. 

So that's the story of how my husband ended up in prison.

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