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3rd Blogiversary

December 31, 2010 I decided to create yet another blog. There had been many before it that had all failed for some reason or another. 
This one, I had hoped, would gain more traction. 
I would post more frequently. 
I would be able to make it more personal, and separate it from the "hair and makeup" blog I had been posting on previously. 
I was going to make more friends with this blog, too. 

My old unused blog is now a mess of broken links and empty photos that have since been removed from the original links I used. I haven't posted to it since August of 2011. I found a home on The Happy Girl Blog{a name I only coined this past year}, and I had no need of the old. I was moving forward. I managed to post pretty frequently {blogger says 211 times in 2011, in fact}, getting involved in blog hops and making friends in the blog world I wouldn't ever have had the privilege to know without this avenue. I also posted a lot of Audrey Hepburn quotes. 

I have leaned on this blog over the years, too. I found myself depending on the friendships, the public accountability to do what I said I would, and enjoying the safe space I had carved out to talk about my many fascinations, get real, or be as light and happy as I wanted to be. I may have drastically decreased my amount of posting thanks to spending so much time writing fiction and finally finishing a story idea or two early last summer. Add to that a giant cross-country move, and I was as good as done with blogging. I let it slip. Honestly, at one point it became so unimportant, I couldn't even get myself to read my friend's blogs, which I normally love. 

I knew I couldn't give it up completely, though. This blog keeps me honest with myself, and is a source of friendship that I can't let go of. I also knew I would be depending on my blog to help me transition into my new life in Texas. And thankfully, even though I am a terrible blogger, it has. I have already met some awesome ladies through blogging who have turned out to be really great in real life friends for me to lean on out here in Austin. Having people relatively local to me is amazing, as I crave the companionship, and don't have any other way to make friends yet.

So happy blogiversary to me and the Happy Girl Blog! 
We may have our ups and downs, but I am keeping it going, because I love it and I want more years together! Here's to another year of blogging, hopefully more consistently than 2013 ;)


  1. Happy blogiversary! Thanks to you, I'm blogging for the first (and last) time this year today. :)

  2. I'm so happy that our blogs essentially share their 'birth'days! I find blog posting ebbs and flows, but it's always good to know it's there. And I'm so glad you decided to start Happy Girl because you are one of my oldest bloggy friends :D
    Happy blogiversary!

  3. Happy Blogiversary girlie! Glad you're still going strong :-)

  4. Happy anniversary to you and your blog :)

  5. Happy Blogversary! Im glad you have found a place that makes you happy and your voice to share as you wish :) Happy New Year to you too, I hope 2014 is everything you wish it to be x


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