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Celebrating the 1st anniversary of my 28th birthday

Celebrating an anniversary of a birthday is also known as denying that I am, in fact, getting older and closer to a number that I will never label myself as. Which is why instead of getting older, I am remaining 28. 29 year-olds are "almost 30". I will not be almost 30, or 30, or 31, or 32. I will stay 28 until I hit 33. I like that number, and think it's a good age to be in your 30's. Until then, 28 it is.

28 was good. It was the year of my golden birthday {28 on the 28th}. I bought a house. I hit a record number of booked weddings for my business {45!}. I won my 3rd straight The Knot Best of Weddings award. I ran my 4th, and fastest half marathon. So yes, I am remaining this age and can't wait to see what the 1st anniversary of my 28th year brings. 

Last year, Billy wrote a guest post in which he mentioned a move away from our families. Who would think that one year later, we would be living 1,700 miles away in a different state, in a house we own.  The year before that, he wrote a birthday haxx post, too. I decided to let him off the hook this year, and write my own birthday post :-p

Billy took the day off to spend my birthday with me, which is very sweet and awesome of him. We plan on going to see a movie and grabbing a fun dinner out, then having a few of B's co-workers and friends over to watch the UFC fights. Yes, watching fights is fun to me. Maybe not the most fun thing I can think of, but pretty darn entertaining. 
I decided I would make myself a chocolate angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries as my birthday cake. Pinterest made me do it. I mean, look at that photo. I can't promise mine will look anything like that, but it's the basis for what I want to eat. Too bad strawberries aren't in season. 

Now go and have fun on my birthday!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you are having a wonderful day :)


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