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Guest room #1

Oh, hey there! I once again slipped out of blogging mode and disappeared on you. I'd like to blame it on being so busy that I couldn't sit for a moment to type out a 'hello', but that simply isn't true. I'm just a bad blogger haha!

I would like to tell you that I have completed all the painting that was required to rid the Ugly Duckling of its yellow feathers, but there is still one guest room that has not been painted. I had put all of my paint supplies away last week after I finished the main rooms and hallways, and could shut the doors on the last remaining yellow. I then proceeded to sit on my bum for a few days, and started to feel real useless. To give myself a project again, I dragged the ladder and all my supplies out of the garage and tackled one of the guest rooms. 
I even had some fun before I finished painting.
I was stumped for a bit on what color to paint this room. I don't have any decor picked out for it, so there was really nothing to go on. I have been put on a spending freeze, thanks to my hubby reacting to my overzealous desire {and spending} to make the house a home, so I couldn't go pick out anything, or buy new paint. I had to make due with what I had on hand. Which happened to be a half gallon of my French Silver paint that I had hated in the great room, and a bunch of samples and trim color. I ended up pouring some Arctic White into the silver, and adding a good dollop of Wet Asphalt {a very dark gray}. Stirring it up, I was happy that is was lighter than the French Silver, but with a new bluish undertone. 
Today, I set to work putting together our old bed frame {dear God, why do you make IKEA so attractive with inexpensive prices, yet so hard to put together and take apart over time?} With the help of my handy drill and some new hardware, the bed feels rock solid. We plan on moving our queen mattress into this room once we upgrade to a king, but for now, the aerobed will have to do. I moved our bookcase into the guest room, and finally unpacked my multiple boxes of books. I even dug out some framed photos and hung them, completing the first room in this house. 
These two girls were sure enjoying the bed, and didn't lift a paw to help as I hung pictures. After I hung the photos, I realize I have a preference for trios. I have 3 lanterns on top of the bookshelf, 3 vertical photos next to the bookshelf, and 3 rows of photos on the other wall. Well, 3 is my favorite number. I guess it comes out subconsciously in my decorating haha!

I found it pretty funny that a theme sort of evolved, without me even trying. The gray-blue wall color, the dark gray bedding, and black furniture and frames give the room a slightly masculine, and calming feel. 

I plan on painting the other guest room today, which is also the cat room and my someday office. It will end up being a light sea foam green, and I am planning on white accents. It will be the more feminine counterpart to the room next door.

Now I have to stop watching the Pioneer Woman Cooks, and get to painting! Oh, and babying my little Sadie, who somehow ripped one of her claws low enough to bleed, and is not a happy puppy. 

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