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Makeover Monday

The Happy Girl blog got a little makeover and I updated my about tab today, what do you think? 

I personally love the design. It was as simple as cruising over to Etsy, tracking down Revel + Design {I may be a little biased to any other business that uses Revel in their name, as my own is called Revelry Beauty}, and purchasing a pre-made blogger template that included installation for $35. That last bit was key. There are a ton of pre-made blogger templates out there that you can download instantly and then install yourself. I don't do design stuff. I have a hard enough time putting together my own website that uses a super easy template and offers buttons to change things around. Playing with CSS, Javascript and HTML is way out of my comfort zone.

I really like the clean and simple designs that Natalie of R+D has created. You can customize the designs offered, and even ask her to create something completely unique if you are feeling extra fancy. I wanted something quick and easy. She was a dream to work with. Every listing for a template tells you exactly what you get, and even shows you a live version of the site. There's a link on the page for a questionnaire to fill out after purchase with all of the information you want in your design. 

Natalie made it so easy, and I didn't even have to exchange an e-mail with her to get everything I wanted.  If you have had custom blog design work done before, you know there is a lot of back and forth between you and the designer to get what you are looking for, and sometimes it doesn't fully translate. Not the case here. I wanted the Tres Couleur template, I filled out my questionnaire with my information, I got an e-mail from Natalie the next morning ready for action, and within an hour that baby was in place. She even fixed my grab it buttons without me asking. That's service.

I would highly recommend Natalie and Revel + Design for anyone looking for a new blog design template that is easy and painless.

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