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My office is coming along

I'm not the kind of DIY home blogger that gets all crazy in the home and then posts a big reveal of what I've done. Oh no, that's not my style. {Kudos to you, if it's yours}

I hate surprises and secrets, so I would rather just show you the day-to-day and the in-progress photos, even if I plan to change things down the road. And because my home is forever in a state of change, and nothing is completed yet, all I can really show you is where it is at any given moment. 

So my office. It's our second guest room. It's also the cats' room. I know, they get their own room? Silly, but necessary, as I am past the point of keeping their litter boxes and food in my bedroom closet. It's pretty much the most multi-use room of the house. I love it.

I painted it a really pretty soft robins egg blue. The light that streams in through the West facing windows is always bright and cheerful. The small white vintage desk I found on Craigslist is the perfect size for the corner, and even though it was dangerously close to falling out of my open trunk on the way home and got banged up by my trunk lid closing on it repeatedly, it still makes me incredibly happy. 

I mentioned yesterday that I re-purposed all of my vendor table decorations in the office. It's true, that place looks like a Pinterest party exploded on it. I found a super cute scroll framed mirror and a white lace shade lamp from Target, hung up a shelf for my Best of Weddings plaques, haphazardly threw up some picture frames, and a magnetic dry erase calendar I thought would be useful. I think it turned out pretty nice.
That big space next to the desk is just begging for a big comfy and colorful chair. I am hunting for something that is just right, which is harder to achieve than I had imagined. I need to replace the folding chair with a fun desk chair, too. It seems like chairs are on my brain.
Those drawer knobs {similar here} are from Target! Yes, my desk is missing a drawer. That's how I bought it. I plan on putting a basket or something in there to fill the hole. Currently it's housing a few picture frames and other odds and ends. I'm really good at finding places to put my messy piles of junk. That's my way of cleaning, shuffling piles and hiding it ;)

So there you have it, my unfinished office. The other side of the room has cat food bowls and a cat bed. Not much to see, really.


  1. I am so not a crafty Pinterest person either, this looks great!

  2. Your room looks great love the tassle bunting and your wall art :)


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