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Happies and Crappies

Today, I am linking of up with Stephanie and Amber to participating in their Happies and Crappies hop. I figured since I really love Stephanie to death, I should definitely get involved with her fun link up, so here you go, my very first H&C post!

Last week I convinced Casey to be my model for a little impromptu photoshoot. Hair, makeup, and a good hour of crawling around in the grass and searching for the best sun flare while gasping in delight later, I had so many beautiful images of one of my best friends. I'm still dying over the images. I'm waiting to figure out what Casey would like to do with them before I blast them out onto the interwebs, but here is a peek.
I found a new salon to work at! I didn't tell anyone I had a meeting with the salon owner because I had doubts about finding the perfect salon home and didn't want to get even my hopes up. I walked into the Beauty Jar salon and was instantly at home and happy. The salon is decorated and set up exactly how I would do my own space. Tiffany blue walls, a super cool mason jar chandelier, perfectly lit makeup stations, adorable accents. It was love. Brizy, the owner was also a doll. I was nervous to ask my most important question, "can I still maintain my business, and do weddings on my own, while working here?" "Of course girl, you're independent! You do what you need to, and you have a beautiful salon space to do it in," Brizy answered with a flourish of her well manicured hand. A weight was lifted off of my chest. I had feared that if I found a great salon that was cute, trendy, had great products and staff, I wouldn't be able to do my own thing. It was such a relief to have found everything I wanted, and the freedom to continue my thriving wedding business. I am super excited about all the Beauty Jar has to offer, including the braid and bun bar, my favorite Kevin Murphy products, and for being well awarded for weddings as well. I go in on Tuesday to discuss my schedule and set up my station. I can't wait to make this my salon home!
I created a new spicy chicken soup recipe in my crock pot this morning, and had a delicious bowl for my late lunch. It helped clear my sinuses, and filled me up. I was just throwing stuff together, so I was unsure what the outcome would be. I am pleased and will be sharing the recipe on the blog for my next Tasty Tuesday post.
Tomorrow is the #TxValentineBlogiday blogger meet up that I am helping Stephanie and Casey host. I feel like I won the lottery with much needed friends here in Texas, and so special that Stephanie would want me to help her with this! We have about 16 people who will be meeting us in Waco at a great restaurant for brunch. I helped put together some cute Valentine's themed gift boxes, and can't wait to meet all of these fabulous bloggers. Hopefully it means more friends!

I'm sick. I developed a sore throat and head congestion a few nights ago, after babysitting a family of kids with colds, and spent yesterday and so far today feeling under the weather. It's not a horrible cold, by any means, but I hate being even the littlest bit sick. I've been eating chewable vitamin C tablets, Airborne, Zicam and throat lozenges by the handful, drinking tea with honey, and even made that lovely spicy chicken noodle soup. Cross your fingers this goes away fast and I can feel 100% healthy again. Like tomorrow.

Setting up a station and getting a second set of all my salon supplies is going to be expensive. I have everything I need back in California, but I plan on working in salon anytime I head back for weddings, so it all has to stay there. I can write everything off {next year when I file my 2014 taxes}, but as I haven't been working other than occasional freelance stuff for over two months, it's hard to part with the little money I have, even if it means making more later. 

I filed my taxes today, and as usual had to pay. Owning your own business or being an independent contractor can suck when taxes roll around. I thought that buying a house in 2013 would mean we got all this money back from closing costs, moving expenses, property taxes, PMI, etc. Because we closed at the end of the year, we didn't meet the standard deduction, so we don't get anything for the house until we file 2014 taxes. Here's to next year. 

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  1. Your friend is gorgeous! So glad to hear that you found an amazing salon to work from. You deserve it :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I love Kevin Murphy products but almost no where here uses or carries them :(
    So happy that you found a salon that you love :)


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