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My Ginger Siren

Last week I posted a teaser photo of the shoot I did with Casey on my Happies and Crappies post. I can't even contain myself any longer, I have to post the rest! 

Casey is one of the easiest people to be around. She somehow effortlessly encourages you to just be yourself, and in the short time I have known her, we have reached a level of friendship that contains no TMI zones. I know she will giggle along with me at a dirty innuendo, won't bat an eye if I mention a bowel movement or gas, and cracks me up daily. "I'm dying" is a phrase we volley back and forth like a hot grenade, because we are laughing so hard the phrase just fits. She is filled with movie quotes and uses them perfectly in every day situations. She is a great mom who acknowledges that raising a child is hard. She is fun, big hearted, and incredibly giving. 

I wanted to bring all of these things that I feel about Casey into the photos. I wanted her to see them and feel comfortable. To feel beautiful. To wonder if that person was really her, because she had never felt so pretty. I started with simple makeup that flattering her perfect pale complexion, and gave her a ton of Texas volume and curl to her hair. She had brought over a selection of outfits, so I let her pick what she wanted to wear while I dragged my big peach wing back chair to the backyard and sat her down to pose. I swear you would have thought I was having a heart attack while snapping photos, because of all my gasps. I was delighted with what was popping up on the LED screen of my camera. 

Now, I am not in any way a trained professional when it comes to photography. I am quite comfortable with my auto setting, and don't dare set it in manual for fear of RUINING EVERYTHING. I am capable of taking some decent shots using natural lighting and hoping for the best. I don't even have any professional fancy editing software. Just Picasa to change the color and contrast, crop, and do a little retouching in the most basic sense. Hopefully knowing that my skills are limited shows you just how lovely Casey is.
We started Casey out with what she affectionately termed "Housewife hair", in a cute blue patterned dress. Her adorable son Wilder was hanging out with us, and I happened to catch him with a smile in this one.
Casey was effortless in front of the camera. She would smile, I would snap, it would be fabulous. She took direction well, and even laughed when I modeled the poses I wanted her to get into.
This is Casey in a nutshell. A bombshell with a spirited side. You can see the fun in her eyes.
"It seems my soul is a gypsy"
This is my favorite. We had gotten to the "magic hour" where the sun was just buttery perfection. I had thrown her hair up into a messy side bun and pulled tendrils down to soften the look. She wore the style like it was meant for her. This was the very last photo I took, and it was after I had already said I was done. Good think I kept going.
 I am so happy Casey agreed to let me use her as my muse for what I call my Ginger Siren shoot. It was fun to play with makeup and use my often neglected camera with a girlfriend. It's been awhile since I have had any kind of photo shoot action, and I needed it. I am now going to update my beauty website to include a "Lifestyle" portfolio from my four amateur shoots, because I want my clients to be able see these and get inspiration for their own shoots.   

Thank you Casey, for being an awesome friend!

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  1. You did amaaaazing on her hair, makeup and pics! I'm sure it was an easy task with a model as gorgeous as Casey though! <3


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