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Project ugly duckling: master bedroom paint

My master bedroom is a large, bland, blank space without any real furniture. It was the one room in the house without a speck of yellow paint, so it immediately got relegated to the bottom of my Project Ugly Duckling list. Once the rest of the house was painted, and I started to slowly decorate and figure out what my home style was, the bedroom kept poking at me. It's was a calm mix of sage green and the slightest green tinted cream in both the bedroom and bathroom. 

I like green, it doesn't particularly bother me, but it wasn't my first choice for the master. When my mother-in-law visited a few weeks back, she surprised us by purchasing a Martha Stewart bedding set we had eyed while in Macy's. Thank goodness it was on sale, but still, it was an extremely generous gift, and I absolutely love it. Once the bedding was picked, my brain was churning for the perfect complimentary paint color. Because that's what I do.

Please forgive my non-finished bedroom. Our mattress and box spring has been on the floor since we moved in. Knowing we would eventually be upgrading to a larger bed, we just put the queen frame in the guest room. My nightstands were a street corner find one dark night when B and I had first gotten married. They're simple black framed pieces that hold our numerous fans. The box fan is the perfect white noise for sleeping, and it helps circulate our often stuffy room. Also, Sadie really loves cuddling under the big fluffy duvet. And yes, she sleeps in the bed with us, and we don't mind at all.
Two trips to Lowe's and a few paint chips and samples later, and I was ready to paint. I left the paint samples taped to the wall for a week, examining them in different spots and in different light. I finally decided on Valspar Ultra Sharkfin in eggshell. It was the lighter gray swatch, and got a lot of positive feedback from Instagram and Facebook. 
I moved everything into the center of the room and snapped a few "before" photos for comparison. Since our room is really large, and our dressers are in the walk-in closet, we don't have any other furniture in the bedroom to fill the space. I have turned one corner into a "workout section". Quotations because I have yet to actually workout in that section. I have the best intentions, really...
 Taping and putting down a plastic drop cloth happened. I think taping is my least favorite part of the painting process. I know from experience that I am too messy of a painter to not take these steps. Just check out my hallway for proof, it's all over the baseboards and ceiling.
What? You don't sign your artwork?
I really like the gray-blue we picked! Sharkfin was a good choice because it's still dark, while not making the room into a cave, and it has enough blue in it to compliment the bedding. I also really like how darker grays make any white accents pop!
Now, this is just a before and after with a simple paint fix. Eventually, someday, I will have real furniture and can do a fully finished post. Maybe even a few DIY sort of things for the headboard I have planned? We shall see. Remember, I am the girl with good intentions, but lack follow through!

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