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getting schooled and missing CA

Tonight, I have the pleasure *sarcasm font* of taking a 6 hour online driver safety course to offset a speeding ticket I got back in February. It took me until after 5pm to start it, even though I paid for the course way earlier. I was doing everything to avoid it, really.

Do you ever do that, put something off because you know it won't be very enjoyable? *hand in the air*
I do it all the time.

Last week was a total whirlwind of travel, weddings, hair appointments, and fitting in time to see friends and family in the spare time I barely left for myself. It was really fantastic though. At least being home, around my wonderful network of friends and family, and being familiar with my surroundings.

While in California, I discovered I am super home sick. Like I teared up multiple times just thinking about all I had left behind in my move to Texas, even though I was currently enjoying it. It was hard for me to keep a positive attitude about the move when I was so immersed in the California I miss so much.  Especially when California is peacocking her gorgeous spring colors and sunny, mild weather. Guess who took the state flower, orange poppies, for granted most of her life, but misses them terribly now? Oh yeah, me.

I psycho-analyzed myself on these sad feelings. What? It's totally a thing. I figured that I am more homesick for CA now, because everything there is easy. It's easy to see friends, my family, and it's easy to get around without GPS squawking at me because I know where everything is. It's easy to find beautiful run and bike trails that I'm familiar with. Most of all, I feel confident in California.

In Texas, things aren't so easy. I know all of 3 friends who live within an hour of me. An hour!! I have practically no clientele built here in Austin. I mean, I haven't had a single return client, so currently there is no clientele to speak of.  Work is hard for me. I have posted a Groupon, advertised on Craigslist, and offer hair services to every person I meet, but haven't seen much return for my efforts. I have to babysit regularly in order to be able to pay my salon rent. That sucks, let me tell you. Though I know how to get around my neighborhood and generally how to get around Austin, I absolutely use my GPS all the time because everything is so new to me here. I have been running and biking on the same few routes because I don't know where else to go. I feel insecure in Texas.

Of course, Texas will feel like home and I'll become more confident while things become easier the longer we are here. I am a rational person, I understand this fact. However, I am also an instant gratification person. I want everything now. Maybe things would be different if I had come out here with a job in place that provided a workplace full of people to be my new social network and possible friends, but instead I work with a few girls at a small salon and we are all clamoring for every client that walks in.

So now,. rather than whine and complain, I'm trying to do something about my woes. To battle my move blues, that stem mostly from lack of close friends, I am joining more Meet Up groups, with the intention of actually attending the events so I can meet more people. I mean, I've been on Meet Up for a long time, but only attended a few events, hah. I also plan on joining a gym in the area so I can take group classes. Billy says I shouldn't look at the gym as a place to get fit, but as a place to network, make friends, and find clients. Sure, honey.

Have you ever made a big move, away from all of your family and friends? How did you cope, make friends, and find things to love about your new home? Share your insights, opinions, and ideas with me in a comment, or email me! hairbyadrian@gmail.com

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