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Twinsday Wednesday: Finish the sentence

Well hello! My laptop was left in California last week to be fixed by my FIL, so I have had to commandeer Billy's command station in order to get my computering in. Which also makes it a little tough to blog.

To keep things simple, I will give you another Twinsday Wednesday post, in which I show you how much I want to be like Casey and Jamie from Real Suburbia :) In this episode, we are finishing the sentence! Feel free to play along, even though there is no link up button on their page. Tell them in comments if you do decide to use these prompts, too!
People always tell me... That I look like Hilary Duff. I'm serious. All. The. Time. But that's cool, because she's adorable and successful and totally hot, so I think of it as a compliment. Sometimes I see it more than others. You tell me. Here are some H.Duff pics that I can see the resemblance in.
First thing in the morning I... after snoozing a few times, I check my phone. I keep my phone on silent at night, so I always have a few emails, texts and notifications to look through. I am completely attached to this technology.

I don't ever regret... marrying young. Oh boy, there were a lot of worried people who had something to say about getting married at 22. Billy was my best friend before we even started dating, and I knew just a few months after meeting him (at 18!) that he was the man I was going to marry. He completes me. I kind of wish I had the style taste, experience, and money available that I do now for the wedding back then!

If I told you once, I've told you a thousand times... drink more water!! Not only does your entire body depend on water to function, but drinking plenty of water helps with the outside as well in giving you a clear face and hydrating your skin. 

A song I'm loving now... anything off the Haim album Days are Gone. It's a band of 3 sisters with a sound that is a little 80's and just so catchy. I can't pick a favorite, but I think My Song 5, Let Me Go, Honey & I, If I could Change your Mind, The Wire, Forever, and Falling are all amazing. I practically just gave you a track listing for the album, though haha
My usual Starbucks order is... grande unsweetened iced green tea. I will add a splenda packet every once in awhile, but that's it. When I feel like being particularly indulgent, I go for a caramel mocha.

And there you have it, my version of the Twinsday Wednesday prompts from Real Suburbia!

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