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Twinsday Wednesday link up vol. 1

After playing along unofficially last week with Casey and Jamie of Real Suburbia for their Twinsday Wednesday post, they decided to create a link up out of it! Which makes me feel much better, because I was feeling a little creepy stealing their prompts and answering them myself, without a twin to make it a real Twinsday.

Casey made my evening when she texted me Tuesday and told me it would be an official link up, and then gave me the prompts ahead of time. It really works in your favor to be best friends with the link up host. So here I go, being a part of the very first ever Twinsday Wednesday link up! Head over to Real Suburbia and get your link up on!

Finish the sentence:

The most organized part of my life is... My business. But even that has its shortfalls {like all my tax stuff that sits in a box until January when I start organizing for the dreaded appointment with my CPA}. But really, I have a pretty organized way of categorizing, responding, and filing e-mails from brides, a paper appointment book for salon clients, a note app on my phone with all of my weddings, and a calendar on my phone to help keep me organized with it all.

The most disorganized part of my life is...pretty much everything else? I am far from a neat-freak, and don't mind clutter, for the most part. I pile, I toss clothes on surfaces, I shuffle my piles. It's never ending.

I get motivated to de-clutter when...the clutter piles up high enough on my counters, table, ottoman, the floor...Seriously, there have been times where I've walked into my home and nearly clawed my own eyes out because the mess was driving me crazy. For real though, whenever I have guests over, I do a general sweep, putting things away, hanging up clothes, that stuff, so it's pretty rare to be completely

I need to give myself permission to get rid of...oh heck no, I give myself permission to get rid of everything. I usually clean out my closet a few times a year and donate the clothes, and have no problem throwing away everything else whenever I need to.

Now link up so I can stalk your blog and read your answers!

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  1. i have to declutter monthly, blessedly thanks to the amount of products i get sent. i donate a lot of my sanitized used products to shelters and teach classes for foster teens on hygienic practices and teen beauty.


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