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Dream vacation #blogtober14 day 21

I'm not the greatest traveler. I always feel like I'm rushed, yet procrastinate like crazy. I'm terrified of leaving things behind, even though I'm trying to adopt the motto that whatever you forget you can buy wherever you are going.  In my haste to leave the house for the airport yesterday, I totally forgot a bunch of stuff, my laptop included. I would absolutely love a new laptop, but can't justify buying a new one for a 3 day trip. So here I am, hunting and pecking away at this post on my phone. God bless smart phones. 

Not having my laptop means writing these #blogtober14 posts is pretty difficult. I can't exactly open multiple windows, copy and paste pictures easily, and link back where I need to. I may have to revise these few days of posts when I return home from Newport Beach and have my sad, dying laptop in hand to really do the topics justice. I'm going to try to write them anyway. 

My dream vacation has taken shape a little more after my recent trip to Mexico. Lying around on a beach for a week in paradise was incredible. I would definitely want to have a dream vacation incorporate a lot of beach time. 

However, I couldn't let that be the entirety of my dream vacation because I'm way too ADD to sit around for very long. I need action, a little adventure, and a lot of new experiences. In Mexico I was happy and content to take up snorkeling and ocean swimming, and then try scuba diving, which was incredible. On a dream vacation, I would experience a lot of new stuff, see stuff, and do stuff. Vague? Sure. 

I think my current dream vacation is a tour of Europe, hitting all of the historical sites, basking on the gorgeous beaches of the Almalfi Coast, the French Riviera, Croatia, and Spain. 

I'd drive around the UK, to see the gorgeous scenery and castles, the history of a few islands in a cold sea. I'd definitely do a Harry Potter tour of London. 

I would spend time in Paris, sipping espresso in caf├ęs (I'd take up coffee for Paris), picnicking in front of the Eiffel tower, pretending to be a chic Audrey Hepburn type. 

I would take Billy up on a Ferrari tour of Italy, driving a super car through the country, top to bottom while seeing (and eating) our way through the beautiful country. 

It would be insane, a long time away, and the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to start ticking pieces of this vacation off my bucket list. Because I will never have the time, or the money,  to have this vacation all at once. 

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