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Edit me pretty #blogtober14

Well, hey there! I'm posting from John Wayne airport in Orange County, waiting on my flight home to Austin. I've got tasty pumpkin bread and a cool lime refresher in hand, so I'll be good to go. The Starbucks barista even spelled my name right!

Today's #blogtober14 prompt is your favorite editing apps for instagram and the blog. Well, this should be fun from my phone ;)

1. Instagram! I will often sort through every filter on instagram till I find one I like. My go-to filters are valencia, x-pro, lo-fi and Nashville. All for different kinds of pics, mind you. You can follow me on instagram under @revelrybeauty or when I'm following Tone It Up plans, I have a special account for posts under @tiu_adrian
Here's the same photo straight from my phone, and using the Nashville filter.
2. Photogrid. I use this when I want to make a collage. They have decent fonts, too, so I can add text to photos or collages. If I want really pretty pre-picked words or fonts, I'll use A Beautiful Mess, but I hate the collage options available for large amounts of photos, so photogrid is my go-to.
3. Picasa. This is what I use for every photo I upload from my camera. I use the "I'm feeling lucky" or auto contrast and color buttons to adjust the light and color. Then I'll use the retouch button to remove blemishes and under eye circles. True Story, that ish gets removed from any photo I post from my computer! #dontjudgeme
I boosted the saturation and color in the mermaid photo below. This was a shoot my friend Caroline agreed to do several years ago. I made that mermaid tail, and pretty much all that hair is clip in extensions! Oh photo shoot magic is a wonderful thing.
4. Picmonkey. This is my favorite for extra photo editing options on the computer. I love the eye whitening option to whiten teeth! Also love the options for adding pretty fonts and to make photos fancy. I've considered buying into the royal upgrade, but never pulled the trigger. The tasty Tuesday graphic I made for Cassie of Mason Jars and Peanut Butter was made with picmonkey.
I'm pretty lame when it comes to getting creative with photo editing, but using basic options is always an option.


  1. I love PicMonkey as well - it's what I use to edit almost all my blog photos. I've been thinking about getting Royale too, but I've never gotten around to it!


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