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Fall Bucket List #Blogtober14

I'm getting to this post a little late today, thanks to not having put this together the night before due to a busy weekend.
Helene in Between Blogtober
Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is What's on your fall bucket list?

I love Helene's (one of the blogtober organizers) "basic" fall bucket list. Remember me asking about "basic" the other day? Yeah, she totally gets it. And she agrees that things that are listed as basic are actually fun and almost universally appealing. If that makes me basic, I am all for it. And actually, I have already done a few things that would have made it onto my bucket list before I even wrote it ;)

My fall bucket list:
- Visit a cider mill-check! (My Michigan trip concluded with a trip to a cider mill for fresh donuts and apple cider slushes. I didn't pick apples, but that's a lot o work haha you can read about it here)
- Visit a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins- check! see my post here for fun photos!
- Make a trip back to CA
- See if Texas has any crunchy leaves to stomp on. The cedar and oak trees aren't really conducive for this, so I'm not sure I'll be able to check this off.
- Dress up for Halloween. I don't have any party plans, so I'll probably just hand out candy.
- Watch all of the Harry Potter movies between now and Christmas. Oh, you know that sounds like a good idea. Halloween and Christmas factor into every HP book/movie, so they are PERFECT to watch during this time period.
- Bake pumpkin goodies- Check! (I made cheesecake filled pumpkin spice muffins with a crumb topping for work a few weeks back)
- Curl up in my hammock with a blanket and read before I have to put it away for the winter
-Go antiquing in Wimberly, south of Austin.

What's your fall bucket list?


  1. Sounds relaxing. I wish I had a hammock to hop in every once in a while.

  2. Is Wimberly known for antiquing? That sounds so fun!


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