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Happy Halloween!!

Today, my wonderful, loyal blog friends, is the very last day of #Blogtober14. Now, I am quite proud of my month of blogging and think it was fantastic to have prompts for each day, but I am so done with daily blogging. I was never a 7 day a week blogger, even when I was a good blogger. Now that I am a once every few months or so blogger, 31 days was crazy! But big props to Helene and Taylor for hosting such a great idea and giving me the inspiration to post each day.

But today I am all over this prompt. Because seriously, Halloween is my jam. I absolutely love dressing up, and a day that is all about it is fantastic. So Halloween. I didn't know what to do for a bit, and every time I settled on a costume, I would change my mind.
Dia de los Muertos skull face?
Lion or tiger?
Daenerys Targaryen?
All great ideas but either would cost me more than I wanted out of pocket, I didn't have the exact skills needed, or I just plain changed my mind. And then I saw it. And it stuck.
The Cheshire cat. It would be easy to use the makeup I already own, along with the cat ear headband, and pink pants. All I needed was an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt and a jumbo eyeshadow pencil the tutorial I found called for. I just needed to have confidence in my makeup abilities, which for face paint is sketchy.
I may have brought costume props to the salon for the other girls to wear. Then insisted on a group photo! After scaring Samantha when I surprised her in the back room in full crazy makeup. It was freaking people out to see a big old painted smile move when I talked and smiled. But it went over well!
 All day I had to fight the urge to rub or scratch my face. My allergies are out of control this week, making me all sorts of itchy, stuffy, runny, and just plain annoyed with my face. Also, it was such a relief to go home and wipe most of it off and put lip balm on. Oh, lip balm feels so stinking good. I may be just a little addicted to the stuff, so to not be able to even rub my lips together for 6 hours was torture. But I really loved the pink and purple eyes, and my huge purple lashes. So I left that until all the trick-or-treaters had gone home.

And R.I.P to my pink feather boa tail. Brisket got a hold of that when I was washing my face, and it is no more. Funny enough, I think I got that boa for my 16th birthday from girlfriends at school. And that shows you just how much I horde costume pieces.

What did you do for Halloween?
Helene in Between Blogtober

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