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I never thought blogging would #Blogtober14 day 10

Day 10, already? Wow, the days are flying by, and each one makes me more thankful for awesome ladies like Helene and Taylor who offer a link up like #Blogtober14 to give me the motivation I so desperately need to blog each day.

The prompt today is "I never thought blogging would..." and boy do I have something to say about this one.

I never thought blogging would introduce me to some of my best friends. Seriously, though, blogging has given me a way to make real, deep, and lasting friendships with ladies all over the world. Sharing a common interest or place to post is such an open door for discussion and to find others who you connect with.

Years ago, I had my first blogger friend meet up when Megan visited San Francisco for Bay to Breakers race, and just this past August I was honored to not only attend her wedding in Michigan, but to be asked to do her wedding party hair and makeup. Who knew blogging would allow me to one day witness such an awesome day?
I have so many wonderful women in my life thanks to blogging. Casey is one of those beautiful, talented, true friends. We met at a blogger meet up last December, thanks to another amazing blogging friend, Stephanie, who invited me to share in that day. There was something about Casey that I just connected with right away. We joke that we are soul sisters, and it's probably true. Stephanie, Casey and I were even able to throw our own blogger meet up last February!
 Just this summer I was able to meet my firs international (Canada is totally international, OK!) blogger friend, Leslie while she was visiting Austin. See, the reach goes on and on!
 Blogging allows me to travel. I visited Seattle in 2012 for the Rock n Roll Seattle half marathon and met up with a whole slew of blogging friends, and even stayed with one! Julie, Stacie, Megan, Megan, Erika and more!

I never thought blogging would be such an opportunity to connect with and meet amazing people. So thank you, to anyone who is reading, and to all of my amazing friends I have gathered through this little blog!
Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I am the same way....I have found some amazing friends through blogging :)

  2. Wow, that's amazing that you've been able to meet so many people through blogging! Have a good weekend :)

    1. Hey Charlotte, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Blogging has really been a wonderful way to connect and make friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend also!


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