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If I were president #Blogtober14

This #Blogtober14 prompt today kills me. It's "If I were president". I was not excited to write about it, and didn't make it a priority, obviously, as it's nearly midnight.

You guys, I have zero political aspirations. And care even less about running a country. I don't even complain about the state of our nation, because I have done so little to gain the knowledge to know just what is messed up and why it needs to be fixed. If I were president, I am pretty sure I would eff ish up. Big time.

Don't get me wrong, I do care about things, and would love a healthy nation, but I'm sort of a realist in the sense that I feel I make very little difference in the grand scheme of things, and I would rather my energy were directed elsewhere.

So if I were president, this is what I would want:
The quote above pretty much sums up what I would want, and is about as likely to happen as you would imagine. But seriously, that would be some cake.
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