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I'm an expert #Blogtober14 day 17

What up, blog peeps? It's day 17 of this here #Blogtober14. I honestly can't believe I've made it through this far. I mean, I missed one day but made it up the next, so I'm counting it.

What am I an expert in? Can anyone truly be an expert at anything? I think that life is all about learning, and you should always look for ways to grow in whatever way you can. Sometimes though, that can feel tough when you have reached the top of a field. But to paraphrase Cypress Hill with their song (Rap) Superstar, there's always gonna be someone coming up, knowing more than you, doing things better than you, so you gotta keep on your game.

You didn't know I was a secret hip hop artist, did you?

So my expertise...I gotta go with hair and makeup. It's something I've been working on since I was little. It's something I constantly strive to do better with, to test my limits, to try new things. Photo shoots, weddings, short films, fashion shows...You name it, I'll do it. So I guess this is about as close  to expert as I can get. But know I am still learning. There is always something new to gain from every experience. I learn new techniques, new tricks, trends, products...It's a learning experience every time. And I will never stop gathering that education and sticking it away in my Batman tool belt of tricks of the trade, right next to my makeup brushes.

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