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Pet peeves #blogtober14

Today I am writing this blog post from the Balboa pier in Newport Beach. Listening to the waves crash against the sand, and having the Pacific Ocean as my inspiration, it's rather hard to think of the #blogtober14 prompt of pet peeves.
So here are a few pet peeves that are vacation related. 
* ferry rides that cost money even for bicyclists
*helmet hair after just styling
*the high cost of rent and real estate near the ocean
*people that stare and make you feel judged for taking a selfie. Hey buddy, don't you see me being a tourist all by myself? Selfies are my only option.
*bad angles in selfies that require many revisions till you get a good one. Don't even act like that's not a real struggle for erryone!
*not getting to explore Newport with Billy because he's stuck in a work seminar all damn day and well into the evening.
*coffee that causes a need for an  immediate bathroom stop or  dire consequences. My poor body is not used to caffeine or coffee and told me so in a very persistent way.
*expensive tourist swag and restaurants that serve mediocre food at high prices

What are your pet peeves?


  1. That's a beautiful view! I hate when restaurants serve okay food for expensive prices but I think it just comes with being a tourist. :(

  2. I also hate the necessary evil of selfie taking. You seem to have done a pretty good job, but you are right the struggle is real!

  3. When I went to Paris and Dave was working all day, constant selfies were my only option (because who cares about a bunch of photos of places without people in them?)


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