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Secrets #Blogtober14 day 18

Happy Saturday! I have already been up since 7, drove an hour down to Dripping Springs for a weddings, made some ladies look beautiful, driven back, and set up for a bridal trial I have this afternoon at my home. Saturdays are always busy!

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is a secret about yourself. Um, if I have any deep, dark, ugly secrets, I generally wouldn't want to put them online for everyone to see haha Maybe I'll try to qualify something you may already know because I have mentioned it in passing. If you know me really well, you have probably seen this first hand.

I am a clumsy, klutzy, accident-prone person. From walking into doorknobs and walls even when I see them, to full-on breaking bones, I have done it. Let's start with broken things. Both arms, at different time of course, a toe, and two fingers have all been broken. I've badly sprained my right ankle twice, a year apart, on the same trail while running. I have mystery bruises and scratches that I can't begin to imagine where or when I got them. I manage to shut my leg in the car door a few times a year. I have crashed or fallen off my bikes at least three times resulting in broken bones or losing skin which creates some ugly scars. I think I have it out for myself.

Billy says my theme song should be Pink's"Don't let me get me". You know, because of that line that says "I'm hazard to myself"? Yeah. He starts singing it every time I do something klutzy or come home with a new injury.

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  1. Sounds like you had a productive Saturday! I'm super clumsy as well - I've broken my arm 4 times, and 3 of those times have literally been from tripping...


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