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Superstitions and Spartan race giveaway #Blogtober14

I'm not a very superstitious person. I'm not even all that sentimental, but that's another blog post entirely. Sometimes though, superstition can rear it's weird head in the most unlikely of situations.

When I was in middle school, I picked up a superstitious habit from my best friend, Shannon. She would kiss her hand and smack the roof of the car anytime the car went through a yellow light. Her theory was that she was blowing a kiss to God and acknowledging Him for keeping the car and passengers safe. I did that up until a few years ago, when I realized throwing a kiss up had little effect on my driving, and might actually make me less safe.

As for common superstitions, I put no stock in them. i live with two black cats that regularly cross my path. I've broken mirrors and walked under more ladders than I can count.

You can probably consider my OCD habits a bit superstitious. I have to load the dishwasher a certain way or it bugs me to no end. There's a particular way to fold clothes, too. Billy isn't the biggest fan of my ways, and even after 7 years of living together, he still won't commit to doing things my way. He's missing out.

I think I get more set in my ways than superstitious. Before races, I like to eat the same thing: an English muffin with avocado and turkey or egg whites. I've been taught not to switch things up, so that's what I do. It seems to have worked, I haven't had any stomach issues when I have a race. And the simplicity of having a breakfast I am accustomed to is good for my pre-race nerves.
Speaking of races, The Spartan race series contacted me to help build buzz for the upcoming November events going on in Dallas, Miller Park and Mississippi. Have you ever done an obstacle race? A Spartan race, at that? These races look legit.
There are Sprint, Super and Beast length races, and a Triple Crown event that you could do for a chance to win $500,000! I've never participated in an obstacle race, but I think they look challenging and a lot of fun. As a perk for my blog readers, Spartan has offered two free race entries for me to giveaway, AND a 10% off code for anyone who is interested.
How about that code for 10% off your entry? Here you go! Use code SPARTANBLOGGER at checkout to apply your discount. 
Would you rather win a FREE ENTRY to any Spartan race? Enter the giveaway below! Spartan Races provided me with the free entries and the discount code, but all views and opinions are my own.
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  1. They just had the Spartan at AT&T Park in SF and it looked so fun!

    Also, I totally kiss my hand and touch the roof of the car when I go through yellow lights...just a habit I guess!

  2. Hi, Great looking blog, found it through Instagram with the Spartanrace tag. Going to catch up on some of your blogs entries. But for now commenting on which race i'd enter, any race in the southeastern United States.

  3. I see there's a race at Fenway park in November. I would totally love to do that

  4. If I won, I would definitely do the race in Burnet, TX (Near Austin!!!)

  5. If I won it would help my team complete out trifectas in Pennsylvania, NJ and Vermont next year!!

  6. Winning will get me and my training crew one race close to a group trifecta next year...Aroo!!!!

  7. Hoping to attempt the trifecta next year! Winning would help me get closer to that goal as these races are getting expensive.


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