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Your first taste of Bliss

So, I'm not much a style maven, but sometimes you just have these outfit ideas that won't leave you alone. The novel I am writing for NaNoWriMo is almost finished, and my main character, Bliss, needed some outfit ideas.

I took to Polyvore to put together a mood board for her. She's an independent young hair and makeup artist living in San Francisco (hmm, where have I heard that before?) and her love interest is a Ducati riding winery owner. Bliss has pink ombre hair, a penchant for lipstick, and wears a lot of pink and black. I wanted to throw in some simple jewelry that would lend a fun air to the outfit, so I grabbed a Harry Potter themed necklace, and found an Omega men's watch on the site Invaluable. Have you heard of it? Invaluable is the world's premiere online marketplace, featuring all sorts of jewelry, watches, antiques, collectibles, and even entire estate sales. Cool right? It was easy to search for watches, and do a little dreaming for my own style needs. You can search through the men's watch section here and do your own dreaming. I think the simple, chunky silver watch with the black face is perfect for Bliss. 

I guess she and I share a love for masculine time pieces, as well as many other qualities I might have given her ;)
Bliss, a novel

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