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Book links and almost release day!

What up, happy people?!

Guess what?

My book releases in less than 25 hours. Yes, so soon. Tuesday April 7th at midnight (like what comes right after 11:59pm on Monday April 6th, just to be clear) A Taste of Bliss will go live on all e-book retailers I have uploaded to. Which is practically all of them, because I like to cover my bases like that.
These are all pre-order links until it goes live on Tuesday, which is when they will become buy links instead.
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Google play
Know what else is cool? I have a paperback that is ALREADY available to order. Because who doesn't want to be able to buy the hardcover early? If you buy it off Amazon and still want a Kindle version, I have ebook matching on so you save $2 off the Kindle price of $2.99.

Paperback on Amazon

When I received my paperback proof in the mail last week and held my book for the very first time, I was brought to tears. Every part of this journey has been humbling and incredible, but actually holding my physical book in my hands was the craziest part. This is a big, crazy, surreal dream that is actually coming true after a lot of hard work and a lot of dreaming big. I can hardly believe it.
Want some sexy teasers? Of course you do!

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